Christmas Special with The Oyster Cart's Oyster Connoisseurs


Have a Special Christmas home celebration with the finest oysters from The Oyster Cart!

We all know how much it means to us by having your love ones around to spend the special Christmas season together. Many of us will certainly embrace celebrating the joyous occasion at home in your own private moment, The Oyster Cart and the oyster connoisseurs feels the same way too.

So for this special Christmas season 24th to 27th December, we will like to spread our love as wide as possible with Christmas oyster party package specially for you at home.

The idea is simple. Upon your ticket purchase here, Oyster Connoisseurs will take note of your party date and inform you the time of arrival. Oyster Connoisseur brings a package of 24 pieces of selected oysters to your home and shuck them live on the spot. You will only need to prepare a good serving tray to display the shucked oysters and condiments before serving to your love ones. Oyster Connoisseurs will guide you through on how to keep the oysters live and fresh till your serving time, and of course not forgetting that we take pride in your knowledge of oyster tasting, oyster tasting notes will be provided so you will have a fun time sharing oyster knowledge with your love ones during the special evening.

The Oyster Cart's Christmas package at 99 nett includes

-24 pieces of finest oysters specially selected by The Oyster Cart
-Shucking and preparation service
-Oyster tasting notes

* Ps: Need more oysters? You can buy more than 1 package :)

Additional if required:
Condiments (Lemons and Tabasco) - 5 per serving
Red Wine Mignonette Sauce - 5 per serving
Salsa Toppings- 5 per serving
Specially pair Prosecco - 48 per bottle

About us:

The Oyster Cart is a mobile oyster bar in Singapore.

Started in 2013, it aims to add a touch of exquisiteness to any parties or event.

With the mission to deliver the freshest oysters along with its unique on-site setup and "shuck & serve" services, it has since captured the hearts of many who enjoy appreciating fine oysters in the comfort of their home. Ask and you shall be served! Our classy team shucks and serve chilled fresh oysters, garnished to perfection with lemon and a variety of exotic sauces that jazz up the entire Oyster Cart experience.

You and your guests will be impressed. Guaranteed!


Dec 24 - Dec 27, 2015
[ Thu ] - [ Sun ]
12:00 AM - 11:00 PM SGT
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Christmas Oyster Party Package (24 pieces) SOLD OUT $99.00
Condiments (Lemons and Tabasco) SOLD OUT $5.00
Red wine mignonette sauce SOLD OUT $5.00
Salsa Topping SOLD OUT $5.00
Specially Pair Prosecco SOLD OUT $48.00
Christmas Oyster Party Package (24 pieces) for 25th December 2015 SOLD OUT $99.00
Christmas Oyster Party Package (24 pieces) 26th December 2015 SOLD OUT $99.00
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